Instantly turn your Loops & Logic templates into blocks for your favorite page builder

Our L&L templating language allows developers of all skill levels to access their site’s data like never before. Now it also allows you to build blocks with custom controls that can interact with your template. Join the beta to discover firsthand how Tangible Blocks can improve your development workflow and open up new revenue streams.

Tangible Blocks is the easiest way to

  • Banish block pack bloat
    No more clogging up your site with multiple block plugins or do-it-all blocks. Create efficient blocks that do everything you need and nothing you don’t.
  • Build your own blocks
    Write a few lines of L&L to simultaneously build a Gutenberg block, Elementor widget, and Beaver Builder module that all share the same controls.
  • Work with dynamic data
    Go beyond the basics and create blocks that dynamically display data from third-party plugins like WooCommerce or custom fields and post types.
  • Hand off client sites
    Keep it simple for your client by creating custom blocks with only the controls they need. No more clients sabotaging your beautiful designs!
  • Reduce your development bottleneck
    You no longer need to rely on busy and expensive backend developers to build theme customizations. HTML-like syntax gives everyone the data they need.
  • Put your work to work
    Our Block Cloud marketplace will allow frontend developers to sell their blocks, so every block you build is now an opportunity for passive income.

Why join the beta?

Since we’ll be providing hands-on support for our beta users, we can only onboard a small number of people each week. If you sign up, you’ll be put on a waitlist and will be granted access on a first-come-first-served basis. If you help spread the word by getting other people to sign up, we’ll bump you up the waitlist. When you get into the beta, here’s what you can expect:

  • Access the Tangible Blocks Editor plugin. You’ll be given a free six-month license to Tangible Blocks Editor along with our Pro integration plugin, no credit card required.
  • Priority support. Tangible Blocks beta members receive priority support on our forum.
  • Invitation codes to share. You’ll get two codes to directly invite fellow future Block Engineers into the beta.
  • Opportunity to sell your blocks. If you come up with interesting use cases and blocks, you’ll have the opportunity to be featured on our website and sell your creations directly through our store to Tangible Blocks customers. They’ll be granted a lifetime license to the plugin.